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SSC Short Syllabus 2021

SSC Short Syllabus 2021 has published by the education ministry education of Bangladesh website. At present all schools and colleges are closed for Kovid 19. The children are far behind in their studies. In this case, they will not be able to answer any questions. Many students did not go to the school or college porch in this corona situation. Therefore, in the face of the objections of the students, their syllabus has been reduced by 50 percent. Students face many problems when they go to download the syllabus on their website because the server is busy. The syllabus has been uploaded to our website for their convenience. You can download it from our website at per convenience.

SSC Short Syllabus 2021

Although the SSC exam of 2020 has not been held, the exam of 2021 will be held. SSC examination of the same year will also be held. To this end, the concerned boards have published a short syllabus of SSC examinations. When the educational institution is opened, the class education activities will continue according to the short syllabus. However, the newly prepared syllabus will be taught in a very short time. Because in the current situation, two public examinations may be held in August and September respectively. Acting Minister for Education Dipu Moni has confirmed the holding of public examinations at a virtual press conference on May 26. He said after the opening of the institute, the SSC examination will be held by teaching in a short syllabus for 60 days. The HSC examination will be held after 64 days of teaching. With the recent extension of educational institution holidays till June 12, it may be held two / three months after the opening of the school college.

Download SSC New Syllabus 2021 pdf file

Bangla 1st Paper

Bangla 2nd Paper

English 1st

English 2nd

Bangladesh and Global Studies

Career Education

Buddhist Religion and Moral Education

Christro Religion and Moral Education

Hindu Religion and Moral Education

Home Science-

Islam and moral education





Higher Math


Business Ent.

Finance and Banking

The link to the official website is You can download HSC short syllabus from the official website as well.

SSC Short Syllabus 2021 Published

However, due to the coronavirus, it is not possible to predict how long the test will be delayed or when it will be held. The Education Minister has recently confirmed the information about the SSC and HSC examination programs of 2021. Following this, the education boards of the country have issued a notification to fill up the SSC examination form for the year 2021. But due to ongoing lockdown, the form was not completed on time, which was later extended again. Earlier, JSC and PSC exams including the SSC exam of 2020 were canceled for the same reason. The results are announced after all the students have passed the next class with ‘Autopash’.SSC Short Syllabus 2021

The results of the 2020 SSC examination were released on January 30. All the boards of education in the country publish these results on the basis of JSC and SSC results. Subsequently, legislation was passed in the Great Parliament to give legal validity to this result of the autopsy to avoid legal complications. So that the students do not get into any complications later. This result is given by combining 25% marks of JSC and 75% marks of SSC. These results are made on the basis of past public examination results by mapping the subject.

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