How to open a Bkash account without an app 2022

Many of us do not know how to open a bKash account. We all don’t know how to open without the bKash app. This post is for them.

But open your account through development agent without apps. For that you need to know some information.

You can open a bKash account from a bKash specialist or someone who understands well or from a customer care point. They will also help you to open your bKash account. For this you will need some necessary documents and information.

  • You will need your own mobile phone number.
  • NID card / passport / driving license will be uniquely duplicated and will need to be copied.
  • A duplicate visa size photo of the person whose name you want to open.

After completing your record enrollment by development agent and customer point you need to do some work. Solve or start them in the following ways.

  • Dial * 247 # on your mobile from scratch
  • Select your “Actuate Mobile Menu” option.
  • Pick your 5 digit PIN and enter here. But note that. Then again
    Enter the 05 digit PIN number again to be sure.

Try not to share your PIN with others.

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