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BCS Non-Cadre 42nd Result Published 2022

BCS Non-Cadre 42nd Result has been published on the official website by the authority on the official website. BPSC has recommended 27 candidates for non-cadre posts out of the candidates who have cleared the 42nd BCS special examination but are not recommended for cadre posts.

Today Sunday (August 14) as per the Recruitment (Special) Rules, the commission provisionally recommends 27 candidates for the recruitment of 27 vacant posts of the non-cadre first class (9th grade) MBBS educational qualification. They will see your results from our website.

The number of candidates who have passed the written and oral examination of 42nd BCS (Special) but have not been recommended for cadre posts due to a shortage of posts is 1,919. Among them, the total number of candidates interested in non-cadre positions is 1 thousand 814. Among these candidates, 539 candidates have been recommended for an appointment on March 29.

সুপারিশ প্রাপ্ত বিস্তারিত বিজ্ঞপ্তি কমিশনের এবং টেলিটক বাংলাদেশ লিমিটেড-এর ওয়েবসাইটে পাবেন।

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